Friday, March 4, 2022

Rewarding Work Makes Merry Men

Three MBA students have found rewarding work with a local social enterprise. Walker Stevens, Reid Harrington, and Gus Kirkland spend their Saturdays and their summers "connecting those with too much with those with too little" in their work for a thoughtful business called Junkdrop. Think of them as legitimate Robin Hoods for hire. A family wanting to remove old furniture can call Junkdrop who will haul it away and deliver it directly to a family without any furniture at all.

The job is both hard work, as we move couches down flights of stairs, yet also rewarding when we get to see the smiling faces as we fully furnish empty homes. -Gus

The three friends found out about this relatively new business through a family connection. Reid was the first on board, and he soon asked Walker and Gus to join him in this rewarding work that plays an important role in the community. The work of Junkdrop has even garnered attention from Channel 5, The Tennessean, and The Today Show.

It's heartening to see the way friendships here on The Hill can bring out the best in everyone. Moreover, the friendships continue growing as they work alongside each other to "make significant contributions to society". It's what we try to foster here with ample opportunities for teamwork and an environment that catalyzes this kind of caring camaraderie.

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