Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Miller's Fall a Thriller Not a Killer

In 8th grade, my grandfather, Wentworth Caldwell, had a class with Mr. Pennington. Mr. Pennington's class was the on the second floor of the Ball Building which had some windows that were pretty high up. At these windows, there was a ledge that one could potentially sit on. Richard Miller, a classmate of my grandfather, was a very fidgety boy who would often walk around the room and even sit on this ledge. One day, Richard walked out of the classroom and laid down below this window and had some of his friends yell to Mr. Pennington that he had jumped or fell off of the ledge. Needless to say, Mr. Pennington freaked out and rushed downstairs and outside only to discover that Richard was losing his mind laughing because he was laughing so hard.

submitted by Ruff Maddux on behalf of his grandfather, Wentworth Caldwell '58