Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Unload the Bus!

On the way back from a debate tournament in Georgia, our four person extemporaneous speaking team, chaperoned by Mr. Tate, stopped at a fast food restaurant late at night. After entering the restaurant, Mr. Tate paused, looked back out the door, and yelled “unload the bus!” After seeing our confused looks, he motioned for us to lean in and whispered “now that they think there’s a lot of us, they’ll throw on a new batch of fries. It’s the best way to guarantee they’re hot”. At the time, we thought he was crazy, but when our food arrived ten minutes later, we agreed that he knew what he was doing. Mr. Tate always gave helpful advice, and his coaching often extended beyond debate to include important topics like how to maximize our dining experiences.

submitted by Sam Hurd '14