Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Cat in the Can

We had an early morning assembly which included the 7th & 8th grade with the other upper grades. Sometimes we got info about upcoming events or changes in scheduled programs or artists/musicians who would tell us about their work. One of our favorites was a Harpest who would play all sorts of wonderful music. These were a great way to start our day, however, one day someone caught a cat and put it under a wastebasket turned upside down on the large desk sitting on the podium. When our headmaster came in to open our morning he usually gave us a few minutes to settle in before he arrived.he was upset to see the trash basket on the desk and went immediately to remove it .when he did the terrified cat came screaming out, ran around the room until it finally found the stairway and out it went. Of course all of the students were laughing and shouting. Even a few of the teachers were enjoying this unexpected amusing event. Somehow our Principle regained control and without further todo ended our assembly. For the rest of the day every class meeting had some sort of reference to the cat. No one ever knew who put the cat under the can. Although we all had our suspicions . Even after 60 years no one has taken responsibility for The Cat In The Can!

submitted by Ned Overton '56