Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Remembering MBA's 100th Graduating Class

We were 63 and now we're 55 from the 100th graduating class (1967). In its 150th year, MBA has lost many fine alums and most of us didn't get the chance to tell those who've died how much they were a part of our class. Fifty years ago, Mr. Carter was not a PR guy in today's sense of the term: we didn't celebrate our 100th year in 1967 and we had no assembly recognizing what it all meant. But we knew we were special - because of the unique gifts we received from Mr. Carter, Mr. Novak, Mrs. Lowery, Coach Owen, Mr.Rule, Mrs. Hollins, Mrs. Sims, Mr. Poston - and the list goes on. Thank you to them and to the buddies we lost from our class.

submitted by Rife S. (Buddy) Hughey III '67