Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Off to a Good Start

It was my first day of school in 7th grade. I was assigned to Mrs. Bowen's classroom. She handed out a piece of paper requiring your name and other personal information. I was the first to finish and got out of my chair and placed it on her desk. I went and sat down - she looked at my answers , looked at me , and said " I am giving you 2 demerits". I asked her why? - she replied " that is 2 more demerits"! 4 demerits within 5 minutes at MBA. She then said, "I gave to 2 demerits for getting out of your chair without permission , the other 2 demerits was talking without raising your hand first!" I do not think I said another word or moved for the rest of that day - Roll Red! She was one of my favorite teachers while attending MBA.

submitted by Jimmy Griscom '80