Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gyrating in Study Hall

I was at MBA in the "transition " from Dr. Sager to Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter had been headmaster for a year when I started MBA and needless to say the level of discipline was significantly higher. As a freshman in 1958 with study hall in the old gym which later became the Wallace Building, there were a lot of antics. There were several musically inclined students who started putting on a show of rock and roll music before assembly on Friday mornings . One of the janitors frequently joined in. On one particularly "moving" morning, Damon Beard began "gyrating" on the stage and was removed by Mr. Carter. There was another incident in study hall in the fall after a spate of "acorn -throwing " incidents. The powers that be decided to crack down. Raymond Pirtle reported being struck with an acorn . To find the culprit, everyone in study hall that period had to sign the pledge affirming that they were not the culprit. After no one fessed up, they all had to come back after school for another round of pledge signing. Again no perpetrator came forward. It turned out after the fact that Pirtle had hit himself with the acorn. I received my only demerits the winter of my sophomore year when I threw a snowball at a classmate in sight of Mr. Carter's office window. My charge was "casting a missile." Another incident my freshman year occurred when a group of seniors who, along with the freshmen, had Tupper Saussy as a teacher , decided to pick up his MG sports car and carry it into the lobby of the gym. It looked like it was in a showroom! The final incident I remember involved several of us seniors who were on the Privilege List and didn't have to go to study hall. In the Spring we started going into the library after lunch and moving several books every day. After several days, it was impossible to locate anything by its proper catalogue number. Mr. Carter actually thought it was humorous but our punishment was to put all of the books back in their proper order. There were 3 other incidents involving the librarian , Mrs. Campbell. An enterprising student put a stray dog that had wandered into the Ball Building with the doors wide open for Spring in the library and tied the doors shut. Mrs. Campbell had to climb out the front window. On another occasion , a student brought a live bat to school and turned it loose in the library. Boys will be boys!

submitted by Bill Ozier '62