Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Frozen Ferrets etc.

Boy, where to begin with the MBA stories? I guess I was your typical jock in high school, I spent my days giving atomic wedgies, purple nurples, and twisty sisties, and my nights crippling opponents and winning glory on the football field. Did you know a ferret can survive being frozen solid, so long as you thaw it out within an hour? Weird.

Anyway, I'll never forget the time senior year my buddies and me accidentally read from the "book of the dead" in Hamunaptra and that brought Prince Imhotep back to life. Hijinks ensued as he began to collect parts from the living to regain his full power.

Well, after getting some help from warrior magi (and no help at all from the Davidson Academy Bears!) we managed to subdue the monster and send him back to the Egyptian Underworld. I hate mummies.

So, even though all of that is pretty boring to kids nowadays with their Snapchat, it meant something to us. Also Senior prom was great; however it definitely was not as intense as 1998's Hell in a Cell where the Undertaker threw Mankind off of the top of a steel cage and he plummeted 16ft before crashing into an announcer's table.

Go Big Red!

submitted by Mick Foley '88