Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Blue Book of Life

The boys begin taking exams this week, so it’s time to be serious here on The Waffle Iron– in solidarity. In fact, let's talk about solidarity on The Hill.
Like exams, almost all aspects of MBA challenge the boys to push themselves. In the Junior School, the challenge comes primarily from teachers and coaches. By the time the boys are upperclassmen, more of that pressure emanates from the boys themselves. The expectation is that each student will do his best. As teachers and coaches guide them, they discover that their “best” is a lot better than they thought. There’s even a kind of positive peer pressure, a particular brand of camaraderie, that develops in relationship to that expectation.

MBA boys take that camaraderie with them into manhood. Because they maintain strong friendships with their MBA classmates, the expectation that they will do their best also never leaves them. That expectation applies to the boardroom, to the family dining room, to the touch football field, to every aspect of their lives. These guys stay in touch with each other forever, and they hold each other accountable throughout their ongoing pursuit of the MBA Ideal…assuming they can make it through exams.

Good luck, gentlemen.

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