Friday, October 10, 2014

Classic Ryan Rivalry Lore

On a Friday morning in the Fall of 1964, a grim purple cloud had descended upon The Hill. The cannons gracing the front of campus had been painted an offensive shade of bright purple. Sometime in the dead of night students from Father Ryan had spread the vile color where it did not belong. The MBA student body, milling around in front of the besmirched cannons, vowed to avenge the insult on the football field that very night....but they didn't even have to wait that long.

At that time, the front of campus had a semi-circular drive that came up through the Totomoi gate from West End Avenue, in front of Ball Hall, and back down the hill to another gate at West End. Just a few minutes before classes began, a convertible packed far beyond its recommended capacity rolled through the Totomoi gate. The car's occupants were cloaked in that same hideous purple. They had come to admire their handiwork and to gloat.

As soon as the car came into view at the Totomoi gate, the student body rushed toward the interlopers. Brugh Reynolds '65 took off like a man possessed. Except he went in the opposite direction. Apparently wanting no part of what was sure to be a brawl, Reynolds ran toward the other West End gate.

Working out the math, the driver of the convertible soon realized that the Big Red vastly outnumbered him and his passengers, so he put his foot on the gas and kept on grinning. However, that grin faded when the car reached a closed and locked gate.

Standing by the gate with arms folded in triumph, Reynolds watched as the student body descended upon their cornered prey.

Headmaster Carter came down the hill to defuse the situation, and the Big Red also triumphed on the gridiron that evening.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Camaraderie on The Hill...and on Bigger Hills

Jim Uden '93
In September, Baker Eadie, Frazer Buntin and Jim Uden (all in the Class of 1993) were part of a group that climbed Grand Teton in Wyoming. The group has done a different trip every year for the past 10 years. They have kayaked the Salmon River in Idaho, Canoed the Yellowstone River in Montana, hiked through the 10th mountain division hut system in Colorado, snowmobiled in the upper peninsula of Michigan, driven jeeps in Moab and Telluride, sailed in Exuma, and climbed Grand Teton in Wyoming. Over the years, several other MBA alumni have been part of the trips: Austin Koon, John Bass, Shannon Durrett, and Shooter Stein.
Frazer Buntin '93

Baker Eadie '93