Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Totomoi & Donutoi

With every new Totomoi induction, we find it helpful to remember what an honor it is to join this fraternity, but we also don't take ourselves too seriously. Read on...

Totomoi: Integrity, Loyalty, Service

Totomoi inducted its first members in 1954. Headmaster Sager and two alumni from the class of ’50 founded Totomoi to recognize juniors, seniors, faculty, and alumni who had shown outstanding leadership in academic achievement, athletics, service to the school, and community service. The honorary fraternity inducts only about 10 members each year.

Perhaps the most distinctive of all MBA traditions, the Totomoi induction ceremony, or tapping, occurs twice a year. A current member winds his way through Assembly, looking for the next inductee. No one but the tapper knows who will be inducted, so the tapper makes his route as circuitous as possible to build suspense. Years ago one tapper even ascended onto the catwalk thirty feet above the crowd. After zeroing in on his target, the tapper identifies the inductee with anything but a “tap.” Often the sound of the “tap” reverberates throughout the entire Davis Building. Voila, the inductee has just joined Totomoi, the most prestigious fraternity on campus.

Donutoi: Glaze, Sugar, Chocolate

In 1998 four student council members (Mike Martin, Michael Higgins, Michael Griffin, and Wilson VornDick (aka Wilson and the Mikes)) identified the need for another honor society on campus: Donutoi. Prior to the founding of Donutoi, school fundraisers sold only plain glazed donuts. The visionary Donutoi founders pioneered the sale of chocolate glazed donuts–a powerful development that would send sweet ripple effects to current and future generations of MBA students. To announce this development, the founding members of Donutoi held a solemn ceremony. In an homage to their older brother society, Totomoi, they presented a chocolate glazed donut to four distinguished (and lucky) boys at Assembly.

Thanks to these two fraternities, MBA is a better place.